How To Shop For The Perfect Alarm System For Manufactured Homes

A well thought out and properly installed home alarm system is usually a source of some peace of mind to many manufactured home owners. Because the purchase of such a system is usually fraught with perils such as unfriendly contracts, differing prices and some high pressure sales tactics, it is important to fully appreciate some of the important tips worth considering when buying a home alarm system.

The first thing you need to do is to get some basic understanding of how a home alarm system functions or works. Get some basic understanding about the various sensors and their roles. Getting to fully appreciate the ins and outs of an alarm system will help you figure out the necessary accessories to buy and the qualities to look out for when choosing an alarm system for your mobile home.

Once you are out shopping, make a point of enquiring from at least two home alarm companies and get a quote from them. Don’t go for the first quote or offer you get even if it is within your budget. Get three or four quotes before making any decision.

Once you have decided on a particular provider, ask if they require a contract. If they do, make sure it is not a long term contract. This is because long term contracts may look cheap at the onset but they may tie you down to a service provider who is below par and also opens you to the danger of some hidden roll over provisions.

It is also important to ask about monthly monitoring charges if any, make sure the figure is reasonable and affordable. You should then ask about the equipment installation costs. It is possible to get a preliminary quote on the same by counting the number of windows and doors that need protection. You should also make a point of adding an internal motion sensor too.

Once all the above has been done and you feel satisfied with the alarm system, make a point of going through some customer reviews about the product, for objectivity purposes, make sure that the reviews are from a third party website. Satisfied or dissatisfied clients are a good pointer as to whether the product is a good buy or not.

Here are 5 examples of high quality alarm system choices readily available in the market space, they include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Fortress Security Store S02- F Wireless Home Security Alarm system

Product Price: $ 259.99

Web URL: http://is.gd/moKMT2

Product Details: comes complete with fully programmable main unit and sensors. Also has an auto dialer function which will call a specific number in case of a security breach. Passive motion sensors detect any suspicious activity or movement while the window/door contacts detect any form of forceful break in. it also includes a glass breakage sensor. It has a loud 110dB alarm to alert neighbors and also deter burglars.

2) Product Name: ELK M1 Gold Security and Automation Kit

Product Price: $ 426.00

Web URL: http://is.gd/m3OaZx

Product Details: has a large zone capacity and a two way listen in interface. It also includes fire alarm verification routine, a time/date stamped 512 event history logs. Voice announcement of alarms and present status is also available. The system has motion sensors and a built in telephone remote control which makes any phone a keypad.

3) Product Name: DSC Power 1832 Alarm System

Product Price: $ 126.50

Web URL: http://is.gd/RVEooV

Product Details: 5 programmable function keys, individual FAP keys, Form A alarm contact and tamper switch, supports up to 8 keypads, 32 user codes, and 4 partitions, 8 hardwire zone inputs, multiple door chime per zone and a new AC status icon are some of the new features in this alarm system. It has a LC-100 P motion sensor, a dual wall mount and front cover tamper and an easy to install mounting hinge. It also has a special pet immunity interface which can distinguish between a pet weighing up to 55lbs and an intruder.

4) Product Name: GE Interlogix Security NX 6 Wireless Ready Kit

Product Price: $ 185.48

Web URL: http://is.gd/NKfDqB

Product Details: 6 fully programmable hardwire zones, two true partitions, a maximum of eight keypads per partition. The system also includes Forty (40) user codes and a built in siren driver or voltage out with NX148E-RF keypad with sixteen wireless zones

5) Product Name: Honeywell 8 Zone Vista 20P Control Panel

Product Price: $ 57.50

Web URL: http://is.gd/UrKdCj

Product Details: this is a high capacity and feature rich home alarm system which features a maximum of forty eight zones of protection, graphic keypad support and dual partitions, internet downloading and uploading. It also has an automatic system load shed and dynamic signaling. The alarm system turns lights off when the system arms and turns off the lights when it disarms and flashes them when the it is in alarm.

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