How To Choose An Amish Shed For Your Backyard

For those homeowners who need some place to store some of their household stuff or simply need to de-clutter their home, an Amish built shed is one of the best options worth taking into serious consideration. This is especially so for those who may be currently renting an off-site storage bin or don’t have any storage unit at all. However, when choosing an Amish shed, there are certain factors one has to take into consideration.

The first thing one needs to consider is the purpose or designated use of the unit. Storage sheds can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For those who just require some storage space, then a small shed may just do the trick. However, those who want to use the shed for other purposes such as a workshop, then a much larger shed will be required. These sheds are usually quite effective in storing painting supplies, outdoor furniture, extra garden equipment as well as lawn tools. It is therefore important to clearly identify the purpose or use of the shed and then get the most appropriate unit. It is also important to mention that even though the units are usually customizable, they can only be customized up to a certain level.

Another area of concern is the material used to build the unit as well as the style adopted. Irrespective of the material chosen, it is important to choose or pick a shed that’s resistant to the elements. Always go for a unit that’s resistant to ice and snow. This makes wooden sheds quite popular. You can also opt for vinyl sheds since they can also withstand harsh weather. They are also easy to maintain since you can easily clean then using a pressure washer or hose and don’t require any special coating to prevent any unwanted weather damage. They are also quite strong and don’t warp over time, in addition, they are also available in a wide array of colors, making it easy to get a unit that matches your home décor.

On the other hand, wood sheds are normally very beautiful and come in a variety of unique finishes because there are a lot of unique designs which can be incorporated on them. This makes the units stand out, often looking like a smaller version of the larger house, adding to the overall curb appeal of the property in question.

It is also important to take into consideration how the unit will be transported or delivered on site. Most manufacturers offer clients pre-built units which have been made in their workshops. These units are then transported to the site via trailer or track. The unit can be transported as a unit or in pieces for installation on site. If the unit will require installation, make sure you have that service covered in the original price or be aware of how much it will cost you. Whenever possible, have a team member from the manufacturer fix the unit for you. If you are DIY enthusiast, then make sure that the installation guide is easy to follow, accurate and all the required pieces are provided as well.

Here are some of the popular Amish built sheds readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: A-Frame Shed (10’ to 12’ Wide)

Product Price: $ 1628.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/D74zUX

Product Details: some of the standard features include 56” double doors, 6’6” high walls, two gable vents, aluminum sill plates as well as pressure treated floor joists. One can also customize the unit to fit his or her needs as would be required.

2) Product Name: A - Frame Shed (14’ Wide)

Product Price: $ 2912.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/gYy1MX

Product Details: the unit comes with 6’6” high walls as well as 2 gable vents and 56 inch double doors. One can further customize the shelving, shelf placement, flower box color as well as the vinyl flower boxes to fit his or her unique needs. For the roof, three tab shingles are used and different colors are available for one to choose from. There are also different ridge vent and vinyl cupola options.

3) Product Name: Amish Sheds

Product Price: $ 853.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/GQ05Xq

Product Details: the shed comes with a ten (10) year warranty. The unit is made of treated lumber foundation as well as premium grade lumber. No chip board has been used on the unit. It does have wooden shed doors which are well braced and painted on the inside for optimal functionality over a long period of time. The roof has thirty (30) year architectural shingles. 

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