Base Cabinets With Drawers: Wise Consumers Consider The Following Things

Over the years, cabinets with drawers have evolved so much that we now have varieties. Today we have glide technology which permits drawers to have more space and hold heavier items as well. Consequently, the consumer is only restricted by their budget.

You see, base cabinets with drawers should be cute yet functional at the same time. The functional part of it is where the glide drawers come in. You can store items such as utensils, cutlery, pans, dishware, or even chopping boards into your kitchen cabinet drawers. You can either choose to keep them simple, or partition them for a more organized space. Furthermore, drawer fronts typically go hand in hand with the different styles surrounding door faces, plus they can be flush, lip-edged or overlay.

Once again, if you're looking for cabinets with drawers that hold heavier items, then you'd need to go for slide drawers which aid in their opening-closing function.

Manufactures now offer a variety of cabinets with different drawer styles. These are side, top and corner-mounted glides. The glide options come in 3/4 extension and full extension. However, you can also opt for the epoxy-coated glides which will accommodate up to 75 pounds and can be pulled out of the entire box for easy access to the items stored therein.

It's also vital that you confirm the load rating of that particular cabinet with its drawers. The options can range from 50 to 400 pound weight allowance.

Material and construction

Manufacturers traditionally used solid wood to make cabinets with drawers. But today, there's so much varieties that boast of finishes which will compliment just about any decor. We have solid wood joinery which offers choices such as finger, dowel, tongue-and-groove, dovetail and many more. According to experts, Dovetail is the strongest way to make drawers since those joints don't loosen up with time.

Furthermore, engineered wood such as plywood is commonly used to make resilient drawer boxes.


Avoid drawers made of staple constructions, or those made of thin laminated particle-boards. These tend to break down with time. If possible, look for drawer bottoms made of plywood because this material doesn't expand or shrink. Other materials used in making drawers include metal and melamine.

Ball bearings used to facilitate the glide action can either be made from metal or plastic. So your job is to check whether the bearing or rollers are made of heavy-duty material.

Most drawer slides are made of stamped metal. They can either come in unfinished or finished forms. Again, it's your choice to decide on either of the two.

These slides shouldn't rust with time. Unfortunately, there's no way of ascertaining this, so you only have to trust your instincts. However, when it comes to testing cabinetry slides, you can open those drawers and test how well they snugly fit onto the assigned space on the cabinet unit.

The drawer should not tilt up or down when opened to full length. Furthermore, make sure it's able to open smoothly and quietly.

Budget considerations

Of course drawers that are well-constructed will win public favor. These are easy to operate, thus resulting in a better cabinet experience. Finally, just like any other product in the market, you should go for cabinet units that fit your pocket. Don't follow brands because you think they are the best. It all boils down to the user experience that the cabinet and drawers offer.

Here are a few units worth considering

1) Paramount Modular Drawer Cabinet (http://is.gd/cjpeFs)

This unit provides customizable options for your storage needs. The entire unit is made up of all-welded steel which means durability is not compromised. It can support weights up to 200 pounds. The price of this base cabinet with drawers is $600.

2) Kennedy 24'' W Base modular drawer cabinet (http://is.gd/M48HFw)

This cabinet has drawers that can hold up to 220lb. What's more, the slides are made of 12-gauge steel to give you durability. The corners are welded properly to give rigidity and added strength. This product simply has many more features to consider. The price starts at $700.

3) Rousseau 24''W Heavy duty drawer cabinet (http://is.gd/6bykpL)

This cabinet is ideal for bench/counter-height applications. Amazingly, each drawer in this cabinet can hold up to 400lb of weight. The central locking feature is also very convenient where security of the drawer content is involved. The price is $600 only.

4) Lista 24-1/4'' W modular drawer (http://is.gd/HOWbUs)

The cabinet is made of heavy-duty steel with welded components to stand the test of time. Each drawer is able to hold up to 400 lb of load. The capacity of every drawer is so large that you're not restricted by what you can store inside. They cost $1000.

5) Equipto modular drawer cabinets (http://is.gd/Pe5SKZ)

You can use the drawers to store a large variety of items, including jewelry and industrial supplies. Just like the above options, expect some heavy-duty steel construction on these cabinets. The cost is $900.

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