Features Of The Best Gaming Computers: Things To Look For

In this age and day, more and more high-tech PC games are being developed, most of which require running on high-performance computer features in order to get the most out of your PC gaming experience. A good example of such games are the virtual reality games such as the recently launched Facebook’s Oculus Rift Headset’s games, which utilize immersive technology equipment that requires running on computers with adequate memory, high-quality graphics cards, strong processing power, and high execution speed or RAM memory. If you are a gaming kind of person, it is important to note that a computer is not just a computer anymore. But what are some of the best gaming computers in the market today? How are their specs like? and what are your options? This being the case, here are a few things you need to know about modern day computer gaming, the best computers for the 21st-century games and their impressive features to look for.

Consider the Graphics Card

The performance and precision of details in a gaming computer are majorly determined by the PC graphics system. Modern day companies that manufacture high-tech computer graphics cards include NVIDIA and AMD. Whereas some gaming computers come pre-installed with high-performance graphics such as dual, triple, and quad graphic card subsystems to enable you run and enjoy gameplay as soon as you power up the device. However, some earlier model still in the market may not have the preinstalled cards. Thanks to technology, you can easily upgrade or replace your graphics card to make your computer a super gamer if it didn’t come equipped with these high-end features. Some of the best gaming PCs include those with NVIDIA’s SLI or Scalable Link Interface, whereas Multicard crossfire X belongs to AMD. Whenever buying a computer that you intend to use in your gaming, be sure to choose one that has a higher GPU (graphics processing unit).

Spacing and Budget Requirements

Especially for desktop computers, you don’t want a unit that is too big that it will consume most of your space. You may also have to weigh your options in terms of portability and convenience. A compact high-performance gaming computer that is not so costly could be more ideal.

Consider Your Favorite Games VS Computer

If you have the intention of buying gaming PC, higher chances are that you already have a game in mind that you want to upgrade your computer for, or you are just getting prepared in case you find interest in future PC games. If you have a few favorite PC games, the best place to start would be to consider the specs they require. Modern day laptops are built to have an equally strong performance as that of desktops. However, desktop computers are in most cases expandable and easier to upgrade in terms of memory, speed, and GPU in case future games and applications demands so. Apart from these, you will also want to consider the computer’s memory and processor speed. The best gaming computers have a high-speed processor, plenty of memory space (both HDD storage and RAM), and stability in addition to good graphics.

VR Compatible Computer (Oculus-Ready PC)

The Oculus Rift is a powerful Virtual Reality gaming headset that uses the immersive technology. It is basically an external device that consists of a pair of goggles with a screen display and looks like the regular music headset normally used by DJs. Once you were the headset, you get immersed in a new world that tends to feel real to the point that you can become a character in a game and actually feel the presence. In order to provide the best gaming experience, this virtual reality game, Oculus Rift, requires a PC with powerful graphics car, strong CPU, stable operating system, and an appropriate casing with a video port, USB 3, and USB2 ports. Most importantly, it requires at least a 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 OS or above and should run on a NVIDIA Geforce 970 GPU or the AMDR9 290and above. An i5-4590 CPU system or its equal is also recommended. Oculus Rift’s owner, Facebook has partnered with a number of PC producers to provide what is are now known as Oculus-Ready PCs to avoid causing inconveniences to the gamers. Some good examples of VR ready computers include the Falcon Northwest and the Origin Chronos (X99).

Best Gaming Computers Examples

1: Oculus Rift + Oculus Ready ASUS G11CD
• Buy from: Amazon
• Price: $2,049
• Link: https://is.gd/hCfcee

2: Lenovo Y900 Gaming Desktop (Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 2TB HDD plus 120 GB SSD, Win 10)
• Buy from: Amazon
• Price: $1,497.37
• Link https://is.gd/OoiWgE

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