Applicances That Can Be Utilized In Manufactured Hmoes

Just like a conventional home, there are certain appliances that a manufactured home should have so as to offer some basic amenities to the home owner. Some of these products include dryer/washer combo, refrigerator, a microwave and a dishwasher amongst a long list of possible appliances. It is worth noting though that due to space issues, not every appliance is suitable for a manufactured home. Below are some of the manufactured home appliance choices that are worth looking at, they include:

1) Product Name: The Edge Star Fast Dry Washer Dryer (Ventless) Combo

Price: $ 832.40

Product URL: http://is.gd/W206K1

Product Details: this is by far a very efficient and versatile combination dryer/washer available in the market. With an increased drying and washing capacity, this washer is built and designed to outperform others. It is well suited for homes, especially mobile homes which tend to lack space and ventilation to accommodate those full size units. The unit has a total of 7 wash cycles, three rinse / wash temps, five whopping speeds, a total of 3 soil level setting with a well designed self cleaning setting that uses the available heat levels to get rid of any unnecessary buildup. With a tub made from polyurethane, this product is quite durable. the material used also keeps radiation and noise to the bare minimum whereas at the top, the unit does feature a workspace that’s scuff resistant. With a height of 33 1/6 “, width of 23 7/16” and a depth of 41 ¼ “it is an easy fit in most mobile homes.

2) Product Name: Danby 18” Built-In Dishwasher

Price: $ 399.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/gQz7zG

Product Details: with compact dimensions, a height of 32 5/16”, width of 17 11/16” and a depth of 45” with the door open, this is an ideal dishwasher for anyone who is short of space such as in a mobile home where space is generally limited. At 18 inches, this dishwasher can fit in many places where the conventional 24 inch won’t fit. The unfinished sides and top of this product does allow for easy installation. Further to this, it is an EnergyStar rated product due to its energy efficiency. It does feature a stainless steel stub for durability, a total of seven wash programs, convertible dish racks which are capable of adjusting glass only or regular loads and a super quite operation combined with very little water consumption. It also does provide for non heated drying, optional water softener dispenser and automatic rinse aid and detergent dispensers. The dishwasher also has a very convenient hose hanger and comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor and a two years parts only warranty on motor and water pump.

3) Product Name: The Edge Star Fridge/ Freezer (3.1 Cu)

Price: $ 249.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/wROzyg

Product Details: this product has most of the features of a full sized refrigerator, but occupies the most compact space available, an ideal choice for use in mobile or manufactured homes. For ease of storage, the freezer and fridge are separated. Allows for temperature control through the adjustable thermostat which allows you to achieve the perfect temperature with its wide range of 34 to 60F while on one hand, the auto defrost does mean that there is no need for manual removal of any ice buildup. The fridge/ freezer do include one glass shelf, a vegetable crisper, and wire shelf and in-door storage. It is also energy star rated, has slide out shelves, can storage on the refrigerator door, an interior light and reversible doors. There is also 2 liter bottle storage on the refrigerator door, a molded worktop and true stainless steel doors with black cabinets. It is quite portable as it weighs only 57lbs and a molded worktop. It does come with a one year warranty on the parts and 90 day warranty on labor.

4) Product Name: Avanti 0.7 Cubic Foot Black Electronic Microwave

Price: $ 89.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/oMBmzS

Product Details: with over 700 watts of cooking power, the Avanti microwave does ensure that all the food you place in the microwave is ready in a matter of minutes. The one touch programs in this machine ensure that you cook a wide variety of foods and snacks with the touch of a button. The modern design of the microwave does make it quite friendly to virtually any motif or décor in your kitchen. The glass tray turntable inside the microwave does allow the food to rotate during the entire cooking or warming process, ensuring that the food is evenly cooked at all times. Defrost and speed defrost by weight options provide users with a better opportunity to thaw any frozen food before you embark on cooking them. Weighing only 23 lbs and having a height of 10.25”, width of 18” and a depth of 13”, this appliance is quite compact and can easily fit in a mobile home.

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