Manufactured Home Chimney Caps: Help Keep The Wildlife Away From Inside Your Home

Anyone who owns a manufactured home that has an active chimney should ensure that the unit is fitted with a chimney cap. This is not only safe due to the huge number of sparks created when you are using a fireplace, but also ensures that you control the emission of smoke and other particles. It is also worth mentioning that uncovered chimneys tend to provide nesting places for all types of animals such as birds and bats. Caps also help the overall performance of the chimney.

When buying a cap, there are several factors one has to take into consideration. First you need to know your options. Masonry chimney caps are the most common. These usually include the single flue chimneys with and without extended flues. The units with extended flues tend to feature single flues that tend above their crowns. They are available in different shapes such as oval, round, rectangular and square varieties. Make sure you get a cover that shaped appropriately. The top mounted chimney caps are the most common and are used for chimneys that have multiple flues even though they can equally be effective for covering single flue chimneys of all shapes. They are typically mounted directly to the chimney crown and can be firmly secured with adhesive or screws.

There are also what are known as specialty chimney caps. These usually include the draft increasing chimney caps, the electric draft increasing chimney caps, the chimney and damper combination caps, the flue stretcher chimney caps and the outside mountain caps. The flue stretcher chimney caps tend to allow the user to raise the height of the masonry’s chimney flue by a feet or two. The outside mount chimney caps are usually mounted directly onto a chimneys crown or flue. These caps can easily fit over the crown and easily attach to the body of the chimney.

The damper and chimney cap combination function just like any other top sealing option with the damper sitting on top of the flue and is easily controlled through a cable that runs through the chimney and is connected to a lever that’s been mounted to the fireplace wall. It is important to note that these caps are only available for rectangular and square chimneys. If by any chance you have a round or oval flue then you shall have to purchase your cap and damper separately. It is therefore very important to know the shape of the chimney that you want covered so as to get the most fitting cap.

Here are some of the popular manufactured home chimney caps readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: FMI 8” Diameter Round Top Termination

Product Price: $ 57.99

Product URL: https://is.gd/x8YrL2

Product Details: this round top termination does include a mesh screen for roof or chase system and is ideal for use with FMI wood burning fireplace only. It should also be used with the 8 inch diameter FMI pipe only. Made of galvanized steel, the unit can resist corrosion and rust. It can thus withstand wet and tough conditions pretty well.

2) Product Name: 9 by 9 S Chimney Cap

Product Price: $ 33.52

Product URL: https://is.gd/nOzHS0

Product Details: this is a 24 gauge single piece stainless steel hood that’s fitted with roll formed edges. It does also have a 16 gauge stainless steel base for some extra strength. The expanded metal mesh has been turned inward at the base so as to allow the cover to firmly rest on the tile so as to close any openings around the tile. The outside mounting does provide greater free air space for better draft. It does come with an optional heavy duty stainless steel leg kit.

3) Product Name: DuraVent 4 DFS -VC

Product Price: $73.16

Product URL: https://is.gd/gUMAPy

Product Details: this vertical cap is without doubt the ultimate when it comes to flexible components that still maintain their flexibility and strength. The unit can easily be used to terminate a relining system at the very top of a masonry chimney. The unit does have an inner diameter of 4 inches and is compatible with a variety of fuel types such as pellet, gas, coal, wood and oil. With its single wall construction, the unit is sold with a limited lifetime warranty and has an optional spark arrestor as well. Quite durable, easy to fix and clean as well. The unit does support flex with a support band.




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