How To Shop For Replacment Doors For A Manufactured Home Furnace

The mobile home furnace is one of the most important appliances in the home, especially during the cold winter season. Most models provide home heating to keep the home warm through burning gas, natural oil, or electricity from your mobile home power supply. Non-electric furnaces use a heat exchanger, a blower, and a ducting system to transfer the heat generated from the fuel combustion to the individual rooms of the mobile home. For most models, the ducting lacks a return-air duct system. In this case, it is the slots in the furnace access doors that supply the air to the blower. Most of the furnace doors in such units feature a system of air filters as well. Especially for the gas and oil furnaces, you may want to learn a thing or two about manufactured home furnace doors and how to find a replacement unit to improve your home’s heating and energy efficiency. This having been said, you now can tell that furnace doors are of extreme importance in manufactured homes and that the type of door you select will have an impact in determining the efficiency of the heating system. But what are some of the factors to consider when shopping for furnace access doors? Here are some pointers you can read before you go shopping to help you select the ideal option.

Design, Size, and Model Compatibility

The first and most important factor to look at is the design and model of your furnace to ensure compatibility. Before buying a replacement door for your mobile home furnace, take some time to figure out which furnace door brands and models would be compatible for installation on your home’s unit before buying. You would also want to consider choosing a size that will fit without problems. Most of this information would be available in the user manual that came with the furnace or the mobile home during its purchase. Also, different manufactured home furnaces come with different designs. You will also want to consider a furnace door that comes with filters and think about an option that is suited for the specific type of furnace, whether electric or gas-powered, whether lower or upper door, and so on and so forth.

Construction Material

There are various furnace door options depending on construction material. Aluminum, steel, and cast iron are some of the most common variants in the market. For the best outcome, choose a door constructed from a material similar to the one used on your furnace for uniformity.


Although some people argue that this is not all that important, the finish type and color of the furnace door is another feature to consider. Some options are available in a variety of colors with a finish such as chrome or textured enamel finish. This can be overly important, again depending on where the unit is the placed and the effect it will have on your mobile home’s décor. A quality finish will also help increase the lifetime of the unit by protecting it against elements.

Ease of Installation

Another crucial factor to think about is the door’s ease of installation. Does it require a door jamb? Is it welded on the hinges? What does the entire installation process entail? Remember that a unit that is difficult to install will require that you hire a repair technician for the task, which would increase the cost of the specific project.


Last but not least, furnace door prices will vary depending on factors such as brand, measurements, construction material and type of finish. Cold rolled or heat treated steel options are in most cases more expensive than aluminum options. To get the best value for your money, be sure to compare and contrast pricing for different models and options and from various vendors. To make savings from your purchase, you can also benefit from coupons and discount offers from reputed some online sellers of manufactured home furnace doors if you do your homework well before heading to make your purchase.

Here are some examples you may want to start by checking out.

Product Examples

1: Intertherm / Nordyne Lower Furnace Door - 903094
• Buy From: magicmobilehomesupply.com
• Price: $44.85
• Link: https://is.gd/fYBVVS

2: Slimfold Single Panel Full-Louvered Furnace Door
• Buy From: mobilehomedepotmi.com
• Price: $85.22
• Link: https://is.gd/jBpLTX

3: Manufactured Home Electric Furnace Door
• Buy From: mobilehomefurnace.com
• Price: $76.81
• Link: https://is.gd/DRao9Q

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