Important Tips On Manufactured Home Patio Doors

Whether you are installing a new patio door or replacing one in your manufactured home, it is worth taking into consideration the available types of patio doors. Manufactured home patio doors can basically be categorized into sliding patio doors and hinged patio doors. French doors are the most common hinged patio doors. Most of the door frames, irrespective of whether they are sliding or hinged are made from either vinyl or Aluminum. Here is a brief look at some of the most common patio doors in the market currently:

1) Product Name: Kinro 72 “x 76 “Sliding Patio Door (Vinyl)

Product Price: $ 819 .96

Product URL: http://is.gd/ylCt8N

Product Details: an attractive, low profile multichannel frame that has a flange that's flush mounted and pre-punched. This which increases the available viewing area. It also improves the sound and thermal insulating value and can be fitted on all siding/wall types. The heat fusion welded moving panel and frame does offer reliable structural strength and also prevents any instance of water leaks at the edges or door corners. The exterior glazing design that’s been incorporated in the door does improve the resistance of the door to water and wind. The internal weep system is also staggered so as to reduce any chance of dust infiltration. It also has a fully adjustable and a tandem steel roller that’s factory lubricated mounted with suitable ball bearing so as to ensure that the operation of the door is seamless and trouble free. It also does include a heavy duty rolling screen door that has adjustable rollers. It is worth noting that only one side of the door does slide open while the other side is stationery, you should therefore choose appropriately depending on which side of the door you want to slide open.

2) Product Name: Kinro 72” x 76 “Sliding Patio Door (White Aluminum with Grids)

Product Price: $ 815.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/BAOKQG

Product Details: this door does come with an aluminum frame and a Pre-punched, flush mounted flange which can be fitted on all siding/ wall types. It does come with a 5/8 “sealed and tempered insulating glass that provides for optimum thermal performance. It also has fin seal that's quite and a weather strip that’s used to reduce the noise, air and water dust infiltration. The snugger bumper with its anti-rattle feature that’s been implemented in the lock jamb does keep the moving panel of the door tight and snug. Further to this, the lock jamb does also have a full length lip which acts as a lock strike and does not require any adjustments once the door has been properly installed. This door does also include a heavy duty rolling screen door which has sets of adjustable rollers. The door has a clam type keyed lock which has been mounted on the hollow lock jamb, providing some extra sturdiness and strength, providing some much needed extra security in the process.

3) Product Name: 72’ x 76’ Metal Framed Patio Door with Bronze Finish (Aluminum)

Product Price: $ 649.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/nLmPZ6

Product Details: this patio door does come with a standard mounting frame, a handle assembly, an insulated glass, a screen door and packs a bronze finish even though it is also available in silver (Mill) and white finish. Just like any other patio door, it has one stationery side and it is therefore important to take note of the side of the door you want to remain stationery; you should choose the side by looking at your home from the outside. The standard frame can be readily used with all the siding or wall types. The lap frame does come with an integral siding pocket which eliminates the need to have any additional siding pieces. It also does have tandem steel rollers that are lubricated at the factory and are mounted with ball bearings so as to ensure that the operation of the door is trouble free. It is also worth noting that the doors are available for opening on either the left hand or right hand side.

4) Product Name: the Elixir 72” x 76” Out Swing French door

Product Price: $ 949.97

Product URL: http://is.gd/Q4xR6A

Product Details: comes with double weather stripping and a tempered insulated glass. It also does have a folded lip on both sides, heavy aluminum extrusions with polystyrene bead board insulation for maximum protection against the elements. The door does have a white interior, the exterior is vinyl laminated steel core with some heavy duty plastic grids. For ease of installation, it does have a flush mount pre-punched frame and it is also pre-drilled for a lock.


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