Manufactured Home Septic Tanks: Keep Your Home Safe And Odor Free

Just like in conventional site-built homes, manufactured homes also require a convenient and environmentally safe wastewater disposal system. Especially for mobile homes that are not connected to a larger sewer system, septic tanks are highly important to keep the home hygienic and comfortable. When buying a manufactured home septic tanks, here are some of the most important factors you should take into consideration.

Tank Size and Leach Field Size

Depending on your household’s water consumption requirements and waste water production levels, you will want to think about the tank size. The most commonly available options range from 250 gallons to 1500 gallons, even though smaller or larger options are also available. The size of the leach field or drain field is also quite important. The drain field is basically a system of perforated pipes that are placed below the ground surface to release or leach waste water gradually. You may also want to determine the specific standards and codes from your locale’s environmental health and housing departments before buying a septic tank.

Ease of Installation

Another important factor to consider is how easy it will be to install your mobile home septic tank. Apart from being lighter and easy to install, some models also come pre-plumbed and installation-ready. With such a model, you may not need to install plumbing parts such as tee assemblies at the tank inlet and outlet. You may also want to determine the installation location with the help of a planning engineer before buying your mobile home’s septic.

Design Resilience, Strength, and Durability

Quality is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a septic tank for your mobile home. This starts from the design’s resilience and the strength of the product, which makes it strong enough to hold you mobile homes safe water without worries. Also, consider a tank that is made of a superior strength, durable material such as propylene, which provides a high level of chemical resistance when holding sewage water. Ribbed tanks are also stronger and more durable. Choose an environmentally friendly tank that will not get easily corroded or rust during its use. You do not want sewage spill accidents to affect comfort levels in your mobile home. You may also want to consider a tank that provides a watertight sealed lid to improve reliability.

Single VS Double Compartment

In most cases, manufactured home septic tanks exist in the market as either single or double compartment.

• Single Compartment Tanks: With single compartment septic tanks, you will basically be required to pump it every 3 to 5 years depending on your waste water production levels as well as the size of the tank. However, having the tank inspected annually can be a good idea to determine the appropriate time when pumping will be required. During the inspection, it is the scum and sludge layers that are measured.

• Double Compartment Tanks: Work in the same manner as single compartments, even though they are basically divided into two compartments. Having two chambers, the double compartment options are more advantageous in that they hold more water, and that waste water goes through an additional purification process before being dumped. A double compartment tanks can last longer without requiring waste pumping to remove accumulated solids or debris from the bottom of the tank upwards.

Prices and Costs

Last but not least, you will also want to consider the prices and costs involved in the entire project. Typically, most manufactured home septic tanks range between $100 and $1000 depending on factors such as size, design, brand, and construction material. Installation and maintenance costs should also be part of the picture. For instance, a 500-gallon tank will probably require pumping and dump waste water more frequently in comparison to a 1500 septic tank. Likewise, a double compartment will cost cheaper to maintain and clean as opposed to a single compartment.

You will also want to shop around for the best prices for reputed products from trusted stores. Below are a few recommendable manufactured home septic tanks options you can start with.

Product Examples

1: Snyder's 500 Gallon Poly Septic Tank
• Buy From: Home Depot
• Price: $619.00 /each
• Link: https://is.gd/oNCxsj

2: 500 Gallon Plastic Septic Tank
• Buy From: tank-depot.com
• Price: $609.99
• Link: https://is.gd/twqY3u

3: Doggie Dooley Septic Tank Style System
• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $40.70
• Link: https://is.gd/IBJsth

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