Types Of Manufactured Home Wall Panels To Use For Your Next Project

There are different materials used when making manufactured home wall panels. These materials vary in characteristics and prices. So when choosing a particular material, you should only go for what suits your needs as opposed to the price it's being sold at.

At some point, you'll be interested in the different types of wall panels for your mobile home as you look forward to replacing or repairing what you currently have.

The 3 main types of wall paneling materials are wood, standard drywall, and vinyl coated drywall. Wood has been the traditional choice of wall panels used in mobile home walls. The importance, style and elegance of a room is emphasized with the type of wood paneling used on the walls. These may include mahogany, oak and walnut.

On the other hand, contemporary wood paneling may suggest improved mounting system, nice edges and custom sizes. Unfortunately, wood paneling is very costly. If you can't afford it, you'd be forced to go with affordable materials like paper imitations which can be made to look similar to wood panel walls.

Standard drywall is the second alternative which offers convenience when repairing or replacing walls. These special walls were invented in the 20th century. Since then, the work of the builder has been simplified since drywall is easy to work with.

So if you're a mobile homeowner who loves DIY projects, standard drywall is recommended for you because it delivers clean and smooth walls. Drywall is a special blend of paper and gypsum, and they are commonly available in 8 by 4 feet sizes.

In the event that you need to work with more than 16 feet of drywall material, you'll need people to help you with the installation. Drywall can also be resistant to fire especially if it is manufactured with thick material.

Lastly, vinyl-coated drywall is the most difficult material you'll ever work with. This happens due to the nature of the vinyl material used in the construction of the material. It's important to note that no paint or patching material will stick to the surface of vinyl in good time.

Other types of wall panels you might be interested in:

Decorative wall panels

These are made of different materials and can be used to conceal damaged areas or spruce up the entire wall. A good material used in wall paneling projects is known as Wainscoting (made of wood or synthetic materials). Wainscoting comes with patterns and materials that can make your walls look beautiful.

Note that wainscot is usually placed on the lower half of your manufactured home wall. However, designs and heights also vary. Prefabricated materials can be used. At the same time, those who are handy with woodwork can come up with their own design since the sky is the limit when dealing with wainscot as a wall paneling material.


Tileboards are manufactured out of resin and melamine. They are made to mimic ceramic tiles. You might think they are actual tiles when they are not. If you love ceramic tiles and would like to have your walls covered in a material similar to ceramic tiles, this is your option.

Tileboards are affordable and easy to work with. Furthermore, they don't have grout lines to trap dirt in between them, and this will give you an easy time when cleaning them.

Utility paneling

These are made of perforated hardboard and are quite charming in appearance. They feature small rows of holes that can be used to hang nails or pegs. Utility wall panels are common with kitchens, garages or commercial buildings, though they can be used on manufactured homes too.

Generally, they are available in natural wood finish, white and customized colors. You can either install them in a smaller portion of the wall or the entire wall.

Acoustic panels

If you want to block outside noise from penetrating into your mobile home, acoustic wall panels will be the best option for you. Acoustic panels are manufactured out of wood cores wrapped into layers of vinyl or fabric. Because these materials absorb sound, they are an excellent choice for homeowners who don't want noise interference.

Product examples you can check out

1) Standard wall panels for manufactured homes (http://is.gd/4aFRLO)

These polyurethane sandwich panels are light in weight and energy saving. They are also environmentally-friendly. The cost per square meter is $16 only.

2) Plastic panel for wall and ceiling (http://is.gd/ScIwoq)

This wall panel is fireproof, resistant to pests, harsh environment and chemicals. It's easy to cut, drill and nail to give you an easy time working with it. The material is purely PVC. The price is $5 per square meters.

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