Important Tips About Refrigerator Defrost Timers

If as a homeowner you notice that there is a lot of ice buildup in the freezer or that the refrigerator is not cooling as well as it used to, then chances are that the refrigerator defrost timer is malfunctioning and therefore should be replaced. The timer is a unit in the refrigerator that times the frequency with which the defrost turns on and off. It is through the defrost timer that any ice that’s developed in the freezer is melted away. In this regard, any freezer or refrigerator that’s billed as having an automatic defrost usually has a defrost timer which handles the above.

Even though newer units have a warranty which shall most likely cover a repair, this is usually not the case with a unit that’s not protected. Apart from the actual replacement which is not difficult, finding the part that you need may be quite tedious and time consuming as well. The timer usually placed behind the toe kick or the grill at the front of the unit. It is normally placed behind the cover plate that’s inside the freezer or refrigerator, or placed just behind the refrigerator just behindthe compressor or around the temperature controller console. Normally, it is held in place with a single or more screws, depending on the model and brand.

For all intents and purposes, a defrost timer does control whats known as the defrost cycle of the refrigerator. In the earlier models models, the timer does run continuously for around 6 hours or so so, cutting out power being taken to the cooling system and allowing power to be transmitted to the defrost heater., In the current models, the timer does advance only while defrost or compressor cycle is running, giving the unit a significant improvement in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. As the timer does continue to advance, the newer systems work by simply restoring power to the cooling system while cutting out power to the heating element. In the event that the timer doesn’t advance, then the appliance gets stuck in either refrigerate or defrost mode, this does inadvertently lead to frost build up or no cooling.

Before you test the timer, you must first make sure the refrigerator is not powered by unplugging it. To simply test whether it is the defrost timer that's not advancing as required, you simply locate the units advance screw and then proceed to turn the screw clockwise until you hear a click. This movement does advance the refrigerator to the next mode, if at all it was on the cooling mode before, it now goes to the defrost mode and vice versa. You should then wait for about 40 minutes and then go ahead to check out if it has successfully left the defrost mode or not, if it has resumed cooling after this period of time then chances are that the timer motor is malfunctioning and you will have to have it replaced.

Here are some of the popular refrigerator defrost timers readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: SUPCO UET120 Electric Defrost Timer (Universal)

Product Price: $ 7.73

Product URL: https://is.gd/fWy2Sq

Product Details: this universal defrost timer does replace all brands and are easy to install and maintain as well. The defrost frequency of the unit does range from four hours to twelve hours or thereabouts whereas the length of defrost time ranges from ten to thirty five minutes, making it quite ideal for many homeowners.

2) Product Name: Allpoints 42-1521 Defrost Timer Unit

Product Price: $ 239.28

Product URL: https://is.gd/gY2hFF

Product Details: this unit does work in most residential refrigerators as well as some residential freezers. The main difference with this unit though is that unlike other timers, its main connection is done through a cord. This does give it a distinct advantage in that the homeowner has several options when it comes to securing the unit. The unit is also fitted with an adjustable defrost frequency that runs from once to even six times in a single day.

3) Product Name: The Articco Universal Defrost Timer (Adjustable)

Product Price: $ 11.25

Product URL: https://is.gd/csnrB6

Product Details: this unit is driven by ACS motors; this does make it one of the most energy efficient choices for repair technicians and homeowners. This is a good alternative if the defrost system is in need of retooling since it can either be installed on either the exterior or interior as required. The unit does come with defrost and cooling testing switch on its surface, this makes it possible to test the unit in the future for any problems. The unit is also fully adjustable and the defrost frequency does range from six to twenty four hours while the length of the defrost time does range from fifteen to thirty two minutes maximum.

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