Six Panel Interior Doors - The Numerous Options Available

When choosing an 6 panel interior door, it is important to first understand and appreciate the available options when it comes to the door style. Generally, interior doors come in pocket, sliding, French, Bi-fold, flush, hinged panel amongst a host of other styles. Panel doors are without doubt the most common interior doors for residential buildings. They usually have a rectangular or square pattern that range between one large panel to eight or even more smaller panels. The patterns available include decorative finishes and rounded tops. They can also include glass inserts for additional glamour. Currently, the whole panel door, the three panel mission, the five panels equal and the six panels are some of the most common door styles in this category.

When choosing a six panel interior door, it is important to take into consideration the material used. Generally, the choice usually boils down to your taste as well as budgetary constraints. There are different materials in the market. These include solid wood doors, solid core and hollow core interior doors. Naturally, solid wood doors tend to have the most weight and heft. These doors are also very sturdy, offer a very beautiful aesthetic appeal and offer formidable resistance to chipping and cracking. Even though it tends to be the most expensive option, many homeowners prefer spending a little extra since they consider a solid wood door as good value for their money and it is also very durable and long lasting. In addition, these doors also provide a natural sound barrier and also offer some great insulation.

The other popular option is the solid core doors. These are mainly made from molded composite interior or plywood with a filled wood fiber interior. The doors generally look and feel similar to that of a solid wood door and also maintains the same kind of quality, giving the homeowner that expensive feel that solid wood is renowned for. They do also offer some good insulation as well as sound barring capabilities. However, the doors are quite heavy and can contract with moisture or heat levels.

The least expensive option is the hollow core door. This is usually constructed using a wood frame, some plywood or hardwood surface and then filled up with some rigid cardboard to help maintain its shape. Even though they are less expensive and much lighter than solid core or solid wood doors, they are not as durable nor are they heat resistant. Due to the general composition of the door, its sound barrier quality is also quite weak. However, they are ideal for homes that experience significant humidity and heat changes since they don’t warp from such conditions.

For that final touch, it is also important to choose the best finish for your interior doors. Going for a stain or paint finish is highly recommended. Many homeowners opt for wood stain since it gives the doors a classic and warm look that adds to a traditional atmosphere. They are more popular with solid wood doors. To add color and charm to your door, you can opt for a simple paint finish. This is ideal if you are keen on matching your wall colors or an existing trim. Most hollow core doors come primed with a white base coat which then requires the owner to choose a paint that will match his or her décor.

Here are some of the more popular six panel interior doors readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: 6 Panel Pine Door (36 W 80 H)

Product Price: $ 89.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/f370RS

Product Details: this interior door is made of stain grade clear pine with a six raised panel style. The panels are made of solid wood and the door measure thirty six (36) inches in width , eighty (80) inches in height and 1 3 /8 inches in thickness.

2) Product Name: 6 Panel Pine Door (22 W 80 H)

Product Price: $ 79.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/RMAQ55

Product Details: the door can be purchased either as a slab or a pre-hung unit that’s assembled with the selected jamb size. This solid panel door is made of stain grade clear pine and measures twenty two (22) inches in width and eighty (80) inches in height.

3) Product Name: American Heritage Oak Solid Wood Six Panel Door

Product Price: $ 192.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/DOBjs2

Product Details: the unit comes hinged into the door frame, making it very easy to install. This makes it quite ideal for both new construction and home improvement projects. The door is durable and comes with a stain finish.

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